Harco Metal Products, Inc. is dedicated to establishing a customized quality control program for the manufacturing of each unique part we make for our customers.




This is achieved by following a program designed to reflect the customers needs for their part by identifying the unique characteristics of the part, documenting the critical and functional aspects of the part, and developing the guidelines necessary to guarantee the quality our customers demand and deserve.


We feel that it is extremely important that our customers communicate with us as to how a part must look, function, or fit within an assembly. We need to know the allowable tolerances for manufacturing the part and how the part will be inspected at your company so that we can inspect it in exactly the same manner.


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THE FIRST STEP is for our quality team to meet with our customers engineering and quality team to review prints and discuss both fit-form-and function, plus all print tolerances to identify critical components of the part or assembly.


THE SECOND STEP is to confirm the measurement and documentation methods that will be implemented.  Since all parts are unique we work together to identify the best process for organizing work procedures at specific work cells and also how a part will be measured and documented.


THE THIRD STEP we work on producing a First Article for inspection followed by a small production batch to confirm that the part process, part measurement procedure and documentation procedure are sound.  Once the part and the process are approved we are ready for production!

Quality Management System


Harco practices a “process based” approach to its quality management system, with the understanding the processes are not limited only to manufacturing, but include all business functions.  The framework for this system is based on the ISO9001:2008 International Standard and ISO / TS 16949 / QS9000.


Quality Policy


“It is the policy of the entire staff of Harco Metal Products to be responsive to the requests of customers, meeting or exceeding their specifications, requirements and expectations.  We continually search for better methods to produce accurate and reliable products.”


Harco is committed to meeting the objectives set forth in this policy, without fail, by clearly communicating to the entire organization the importance of meeting customer requirements and expectations, establishing meaningful quality objectives, consistent review of the entire quality management system and ensuring the availability of resources to meet the goals of the established quality policy, and, subsequently, the needs of our customers.


System Monitoring / Continuous Improvement


Harco also maintains the philosophy that the quality management system is never static.  By utilizing external and internal metrics, audits, and other system and process measuring techniques, we are able to evaluate all components of the system and determine their effectiveness.  Consistent and regular monitoring of this data allows for any necessary improvements to the system to be implemented effectively and efficiently, further enhancing the quality of our customer’s experience.


What It Means To Our Customers


Harco offers a quality system and overall quality team philosophy that not only assures compliance with all customer requirements and expectations, but also allows for system flexibility, based on specific or unique customer requests. Whether it be the development of a new product or fabrication of existing production parts, we can ensure superior customer service, a quality product, delivered on time, produced by a qualified staff that have the necessary resources, training and empowerment to consistently perform to your expectations from the very beginning of the process to product delivery.


We welcome further inquiries regarding our quality capabilities and contract specific program designs. Contact us at quality@tubebending.net for further information.


Harco Metal Product, Inc. is dedicated to making your part correct the first time, every time.  In short, “We Are Bent on Excellence”.



"The Ultimate Goal... To help our customers create the lowest cost
possible without sacrificing quality, value or safety."

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