SLOTTING is a punch press, machining, or laser operation depending on the detail of the slots and the application of our customers parts.


For the more basic tube slotting applications a punch press operation is the ideal means of fabricating a part due to its cost effectiveness. This process requires a dedicated punching die that uses a mandrel or support of some fashion to create the slot. Typical shapes include a straight slot (rectangular or square), or a keyway, locking slot that is curved inside on the end of the slot. This style is commonly used for telescoping tubes or for locating the direction of a tube in a fitting during assembly.


For tubular designs that are more intricate in shape, have a unique shape, or have multiple slots that are close in proximity to one another, the part may require a machining operation or a laser to produce the parts.


NOTCHING combines a punch press with a dedicated punch die to reshape the end of the tube. Typical shapes include fish mouth and compound fish mouth tube ends that help allow a tube end to fit tightly to another tube side.


With this type of tube end forming you can assemble the tube by using a tube connector or welding the two tubes together.


Another method of creating the notch is to use a special grinding tool that uses a sanding belt and grinds the tube to the proper shape.


Other style of notching include cutting a V – shape out of a square tube so that the two tube sections can fold up to a 45 degree or 90 degree angle, or special notch and slot combinations can be created for unique applications.

Slotting & Notching Selection




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